Welding is a very demanding process therefore we take an individual approach to each project and look for the best solutions. Long-term experience, fully equipped technical facilities and a team of qualified employees allows us to execute even the most atypical orders.

In our everyday operations we use welding equipment from renowned manufacturers, allowing us to weld heavy, massive structures made of different grades of steel. We have large welding stations and cranes what allows us to join components of large dimensions and weight.

We offer welding using the following methods:

  • MIG/MAG – we use both inert and active gases as shielding gases for welding;
  • coated electrode welding (MMA).

We invite to cooperation Customers interested in ordering welding services, both welding of standard and atypical components. We guarantee affordable prices, short dates of execution and effects adapted to the needs and requirements. Detailed information on the costs and dates can be obtained from the employees of our customer service office.

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