We offer bending of aluminum and steel (including stainless steel) sheets. Working beam and usage of proper tools allow bending of sheets with maximum thickness 3500 mm, with thickness up to 12 mm depending on the geometrical requirements.

The sheets are bent using the highest quality bending brake, applying all safety rules. Cutting of metal sheets is performed using hydraulic bending brake Safan Darley H-brake 230T operating in the CNC technology.

Use of the press brake with precisely adjusted pressing force allows executing the service strictly in accordance with the customer recommendations. Our presses ensure repeatability of shapes and high dimensional tolerances. We use advanced computer software, allowing the production of the highest quality components.

Why is it worth to use our metal sheets bending service?

  • Due to the long-term experience we are able to ensure the high quality of service and great parameters of produced components.
  • Our advisors are available for you at each stage of the cooperation.
  • We are able to offer competitive prices due to modern equipment
  • We put special emphasis on the accuracy. Metal sheets bending is always executed strictly in accordance with the customer recommendations, with control over the quality of produced components throughout the whole process.
  • We are ready to implement even the most non-standard recommendations and ensure full satisfaction from the results of our work.

Feel free to contact us also with smaller projects. Detailed information on the costs and dates can be obtained from the employees of our customer service office.

Our every operation is supported by extensive technical infrastructure.

Bending-Folding machine SAFAN Type 225-3600 CNCL numerically controlled CNC
Processing parameters:
– max. length of bending line 3600 mm
– max. distance between bending lines 800 mm
Safan Darley H-brake 230T
Processing parameters:
– max. length of bending lin 3600 mm
– Pressing force: 230T

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