This is the largest group of continuous transport equipment. They characterize with the simplicity of design and versatility.

These conveyors are used in various industries – from any types of auxiliary reloading-transport operations (in warehouses, storage yards and construction sites), servicing of process lines, transport of winning in coal mines to large belt conveyor flights conveying huge winning and earth masses – in amounts reaching event more than a dozen thousand of tonnes per hour over distances up to several kilometres.

The principle of operation:

Operation of the belt conveyor is based on the endless movement of the elastic belt on return pulleys where at least one pulley is driven. Along conveyor’s route the belt is usually supported on idler sets shaping the loaded string of a belt into trough or flat. To exert a circumferential force on driving drum it is necessary to ensure belt tensioning. It is achieved by proper movement of one of the tail drums or additional tension drums. Belt conveyors can operate individually, in serial or any other arrangements. Transport or change of inclination angle of the mobile conveyors (towable or portable) is very easy.


  • The simplicity of operation and servicing
  • variety of applications
  • low power consumption
  • low operating costs