Promus Ltd. - transport systems

CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS CREDIBILITYThe name of PROMUS Ltd. was established in 1991. Since that time many construction and engineering projects were effectuated by our company on national, as well as international area. Company’s main construction were executed abroad i.e. in Czech Republic or Germany. Those projects apply to architectonic compounds,  public service buildings, technical infrastructure installations etc.

promusPROMUS KATOWICE® Sp. z o.o. operates under its current name since April 2003. The office of the company was moved to Sosnowiec in April 2016. Our facility in Poland operates using its design studio, production workshop and its own assembly teams. Since the foundation of the company, our branch in Czech Republic consists of design studio, production workshop with diversified machinery park and assembly teams.

We are well known on the market as a steel structure manufacturer  for construction industry. Our company is at the same time designer, manufacturer and a supplier of steel constructions for industrial, public, commercial and environmental protection constructions. Our designer team has focused on projects related to steelwork constructions. Our teams are highly specialised in assembly of steelworks, technological transport systems and steel structures including casing.

Furthermore, we are highly specialised in constructions related to transportation systems sector. In this area we perform design and implementations of works transport systems with related steel structures. We work mostly for car manufacturers and automotive industry. Supplying and assembling transportation systems, Promus Katowice secures also specialised mechanics and electricians for maintenance of systems and work traffics. Our activities in this field mostly concentrates at Skoda-Auto plant in Mlada Boleslaw, Czech Republic. Our complex and vast experience was mostly gained during our construction execution for foreign customers. The satisfaction of our Partners is very important for us, and we take an individual approach to every project. As a result, our projects are characterised with punctuality and high quality service.

I would like to invite you to cooperation with us,
Jacek Waluś
CEO – General Director